Covers the required research and reports a municipality or organization requires to apply for funding and financing.

Phase 1

Project Setup
(2-3 weeks)

The purpose of the project setup is to meet, learn and understand the community's project and needs while gathering any relevant information from other sources. Once this information has been examined, the project members and team are defined. A project timeline is determined along with key meetings scheduled.

Key Activities

Start-up meeting

Define the project

Define key members

Define the project team

Project planning

Setup meetings

Needs Assessment
(3-4 weeks)

The purpose of the Needs and Demand Assessment is to prepare an in-depth analysis of the affected community. A mix of data collected from public agencies and documents gathered from the proponent will be compiled into the report. 

Key Activities

Collect necessary data

Create necessary figures, charts, and tables

Compile preliminary draft of report

Review with key project members

Finalize report

Financial Analysis
(3-4 weeks)

The purpose of financial feasibility and analysis is to get a summary of all the costs and revenue by: identifying the building program (number and types of units), reviewing the total costs (preliminary soft and hard costs), reviewing operational costs, and performing a market analysis to determine the revenue. This results in financial modelling that confirms viability over 20 years. The number of units and targeted population would have been defined in the project set up.

Key Activities

Create financial model based on proponent requirements

Review with key project members

Finalize financial model

Community Consultation
(3-4 weeks)

The purpose of Community Consultations is to involve the community in the project and obtain any information and insights the community might have to offer. There should be multiple consultations at various stages of the project to ensure that the community is fully involved throughout the project’s lifespan and relevant information is gathered at key points of development. The SHI could be contracted to do one or multiple consultations throughout the course of the project. The key activities are based on a single community consultation.

Key Activities

Finalize logistics (location, date, facilitator, etc.)

Review and finalize consultation process

Facilitator consultation

Create summary report

Present report to key project members

Business Case
(5-6 weeks)

The business case encompasses all facets of the project in a summarized, presentable format. It is the main document championing the proposed development, and is the final piece of any Phase 1 project. The business case will use details from the Needs Assessment, Financial Analysis, Community Consultation, as well as any existing pre-developmental work and proponent information to create a holistic document which can be presented to government agencies and potential investor or debtors.

Key Activities

Compile documents required

Create draft of business case

Present draft - revise with key project member

Finalize business case

Total time allotted for Phase 1 is 5-6 months

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