Enabling Housing Choice Project

Funded by the Alberta Real Estate Foundation, we are working with municipal partners to create more housing choice and diversity in Alberta.

If you’re interested in more information, or check out our Phase 1 research reports below.


What is the EHC Project?

The Sustainable Housing Initiative (SHI) is working to support diverse, sustainable, and equitable housing development in Albertan communities through its Enabling Housing Choice Project. This project was made possible through funding and support from the Alberta Real Estate Foundation.

The Enabling Housing Choice project will drive transformational, long-term policy change that will benefit Alberta’s real estate industry by addressing policy, bylaw and process barriers that realtors, housing developers, and municipalities often face when trying to improve housing choice.

It will also help address the lack of capacity in many municipalities while bringing together key stakeholders to work together to achieve common goals. This project directly discusses land development and the use of the land.

We acknowledge that this is embedded in a colonial worldview of land management, and are working to address reconciliation and respecting the Indigenous peoples that occupied this land for generations before land use frameworks were in place.

See how this project intends to address the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action and our commitment to positive change.

Project Activities


  • Performing an environmental scan, stakeholder interviews, a review of best practices, and an Alberta wide survey to understand the factors that impact housing development and perceptions of living in various types of communities throughout Alberta.

Policy Implementation:

  • Partnering with a variety of communities to implement municipal policy changes to improve their housing situation, and to gather data and insight on effective implementation methods, barriers faced, and lessons learned.

Capacity Building:

  • The creation of an Enabling Housing Choice Guidebook, which will help build capacity for communities to evaluate their policies and enact changes to improve their situation. This Guidebook will include evaluation tools, templates, and key considerations that policy makers and local governments can use to achieve their housing goals. The Guidebook will use the findings from project research and partnership policy work.

Knowledge Sharing:

  • Sharing project findings and the Guidebook at workshops, conferences and other events.
Reporting and findings

Executive Summary

Report 1

Report 2

Report 3

Report 4

Report 5

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Alberta Wide Survey (February 1 - February 28, 2022)

  • We have completed a province wide survey to learn from Albertan’s perspectives different types of communities and their preferences. This survey covered topics regarding:

    - Reasons people choose to live where they live;
    - Barriers face when accessing housing;
    - Perceptions on different types of communities   (Towns, cities, counties, etc.); and
    - Ways to support real estate growth in Alberta.

    View the report

This project is funded by the Alberta Real Estate Foundation.

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