Paths for Housing Co-ops

The goal of this project was to support the creation of sustainable, efficient and resilient housing co-ops in Alberta. This project between the RDN, ACCA, and NACHA was funded by the AREF.


Sustainable, efficient, and resilient housing co-ops.

The goal of this guidebook is to assist your community in working through the Development Tool. This guide aims to provide direction on the development and operation of sustainable, efficient, and resilient housing co-ops.

We have developed a set of themes which, through our research, we believe can be implemented into all housing co-ops across Canada. Each of these themes have corresponding strategies to accomplish them, which differ depending on the type of housing co-op you have.

how to use this guidebook

Identify your co-op type

  • Equity co-op's
  • Limited equity co-op's
  • Non-equity co-op's

Select theme area(s) & develop strategies

  • Strong capacity
  • Focus on inclusion
  • Strong sense of community
  • Community design
  • Effective planning & processes for long-term sustainability

Investigate financial strategies

  • Multi-stakeholder model
  • Developer/builder partnership
  • Private financing of new housing co-op's
  • Community land trust
  • Andel model
  • Historical government finance of new co-op's
  • Mutual home ownership society
  • Public housing conversion

This project is funded by the Alberta Real Estate Foundation.

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