Zain Abedin
Director, Community Development


Zain works as the Director of Community Development, a unique position that pioneers the way for rural communities to address social issues surrounding housing and homelessness. Zain has been working for ARDN for a few years, specializing in managing research, and developing financial strategies and business cases in an effort to raise funding for affordable housing projects in rural communities. Zain's ability to collaborate with clients, communities and organizations have helped ARDN achieve success. He wrote the award winning guide to estimating homelessness in rural communities for ARDN, which is being successfully applied across Canada and is gaining traction on an international scale. This estimation helps rural communities gather necessary data to highlight the need of developing affordable housing.

Zain is passionate about “making things happen for the greater good” and has an excellent track record of securing funds in the social entrepreneurship space. He has international sales and account management experience in the Oil & Gas industry and runs a boutique consulting firm to fuel his interest in design and technology. Zain has completed a degree in Finance & Management with a minor in Actuarial Mathematics from the American University of Sharjah and an MBA in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from the University of Alberta.

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