Asad Bhatti
Director, Housing


Asad is the Housing Director for the Sustainable Housing Initiative (SHI). Asad has been working with SHI for a couple of years, and is passionate about developing financially sustainable solutions to any affordable housing project. Asad has spent the past years familiarizing himself with the affordable housing industry and understanding what is required for projects to receive funding and achieve success. With that knowledge, he now helps projects access funding by working with them throughout processes put forth by various funding bodies. Asad also specializes in thorough research investigation and financial analytics to support business case development and financial feasibility. His background in Finance helps him understand underwriting processes and he is able to ensure a project’s financial strength prior to presentation to funders.

Asad has completed a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (Finance) from the University of Alberta. His personal interests include reading the latest financial news and weightlifting.

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